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Don’t go on autopilot

With all my raving on the automagic in, the title of this post may cause you to do a double-take. But I assure you, dear reader, that I am completely serious when I tell you not to go on autopilot. Perhaps a bit of an explanation is necessary.


What I am suggesting is that you review your automagic on a regular schedule. While workflows can help automate a lot of your processes, if you set it and forget it, you may end up with some outdated automation in your org. Instead, make time once a quarter to review your magic. Make sure the workflows are still updating fields with values you care about, and sending emails to the appropriate people. You can even schedule an audit of fields that you know are touched by workflows, if that helps you to review your data. (Not to mention, doing these reviews is a great chance to make sure all your description fields are filled in.)

As a Salesforce admin, your number one priority is staying on top of all that is happening within your org. By reviewing your automated processes, you can help assure that your org remains in line with your business goals. And alignment is a beautiful thing.

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