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Don’t like this job

Although I have been pondering several topics for this week’s post, the reactions that I got from last week’s post (along with some shake-ups with a few people) got me thinking about the job that we do. By definition, all of us Salesforce fanatics* love the product & the company. But that’s certainly not the same thing as loving our jobs.

Yes, I am sure that a lot of us like our jobs. They are comfortable & safe, and you could probably describe everything about them as ‘nice.’ I don’t think that’s good enough. I think to really be a rockstar Salesforce Admin, you have to LOVE your job. You can’t just like your co-workers, you need to be stimulated and motivated by the people around you. You can’t be satisfied with get the task done, your work needs to be inspired. We should all have pride in the stuff that we do, and be thrilled about doing it. When you get to that point of truly loving what you do, I think that’s when the creativity & enthusiasm explodes. That is when you have the motivation not just to do the work, but to blow people away with the work that you do.

And as we all know & have experienced, there are hundreds of recruiters out there trolling LinkedIn, Twitter and the blogosphere for Salesforce talent. If you aren’t in a place where you feel crazy passion about what you do, if you don’t absolutely love your job — what the hell are you waiting for? (Cue “Own It” – “It’s your moment, baby, claim it. Go out and own it, go out an own it”)

* Separate thought – why are we missing a clever nickname like Twihards, Beliebers, Parrot Heads or Little Monsters? Someone more creative needs to come up with one. Thoughts? Forcenatics?

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