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Full Blossom

Last week, I started to share all the things I love about Salesforce’s Spring14 release, but there is some much that I wanted to talk about that I only made it as far as the analytics enhancements.  Instead of trying to jam too much into one post, I decide to split the Spring14 goodness into two posts. This week, I am hoping to highlight a few other

things that I’m excited about in Spring 14.

First up – Chatter Enhancements! More specifically, the new Announcements in Groups functionality in particular is interesting to me. It is definitely a feature that end users have asked for, and I think it has the potential to get very useful, but I’m waiting to see how this one plays out. The ability to have them expire is super cool though, and definitely not something I would have thought of, so nicely done Salesforce. One thing I think it will need is the ability to change the label from “Announcement” to something that maybe resonate better with your users. Right now, that’s not possible, but hopefully coming in a future release. Maybe I just spent too many years at summer camp, but that word just makes me think of this:

While not specifically a Chatter bit of functionality, the Topics on Records addition is going to be huge. This has been designed to replace the dying Tags functionality, and I think will see a higher adoption rate than tags ever did. Sorry tags, you came before your time.

As an admin, there is a ton to be looking forward to. There’s the partial copy sandbox, which I think a lot of us have been waiting a very long time for. Another one that we haven’t waited quite so long for is the ability to mass assign permission sets. This is such a minor tweak in functionality that will have huge impact with admins (especially large org admins), and I’m thrilled that it is finally here.

And finally, quite possibly my favorite new feature – the TEXT() function enhancement.  The TEXT() function will now convert picklist values to be used in approval rules, workflow rules, assignment rules, custom buttons and more. This is huge & been a long time coming. I’m also hoping that very soon we will be able to use the TEXT() function with a multi-select picklist as well, but I may be reaching on that one.

For ease of access, here’s a link to the updated release dates for Spring14.

Did I forget one of your favorite new features? Or maybe there was something mentioned on the Button Click Admin podcast that you’d like we to go into more detail about. Comment below & I’ll give you my thoughts!

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