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Give me some action!

I have to start by apologizing. That post title is pretty misleading, but I had writer’s block while trying to come up with something, and it’s the best I could do. Today’s dev words are about when your code goes into action, so it’s not *that* misleading — right? I’ll just say that you agree & we move on to the learning bit! Today we’ve got one big concept one, followed by two easy ones.

  1. Bulkify – You’ve probably heard this term a lot. The basic concept is that when you bulkify, you are making sure that your code properly handles more than one record at a time.  This becomes important, because code runs in a shared environment, so you don’t want to be hogging all the virtual memory. Think of someone on the subway taking up 6 seats for no reason – jerk, right? Don’t be that guy.

  2. Compile – This is just turning your code from human-esque speak to the zeros and ones that computers use to do their magic. If your code doesn’t make sense, or is written wrong, you’ll get a lovely compile error — but at least you won’t break anything!

  3. Run – OK, easy one. Think of this as hitting the “Go!” button on your code.

And there you have it – the action words that go with code!

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