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Halfway there!

Back in January, I made some admin resolutions. Now that we are nearing the halfway point of 2011, I thought it’s a good time to do a self-check. So here goes…

  1. Remember that end users aren’t admins, nor should I expect them to be. – I think I’ve kicked butt on this one. This one is now more important than ever, because I am now at an organization that is still in it’s Salesforce infancy & there is a way to go on the learning curve. I still believe that this is one of the linchpins to being a truly great admin.

  2. Roll out Chatter & get people excited about it. – Cue the sad trombone. Since I first posted my resolutions, I’ve changed organizations. While there is a strong push to get Chatter turned on here, there still isn’t enough buy-in to go live with it. That being said, I am fighting the fight & I’ve worked on some cool visualforce & other develop-y things to make Chatter less visible. That exercise really helped me to push my limits of what I know & step out into the unknown and experiment with something new. Love that I can constantly expand my skill set this way.

  3. Share what I’ve learned – I’d like to think that my blog has been helpful to people. If I judge based on the feedback I’ve gotten, it has been. I’ve also have made an effort to be more active on the Salesforce Answers boards. And just recently, I started a Facebook Fan page for this blog so that I could start sharing short tips & tricks. (Have you “Liked” the page yet?) All and all, I think I can say this one has been a success.

So I’d say I’m doing pretty well. I’ve tried to adopt a pay-it-forward mentality, and it’s proven successful so far. One thing that’s true about this job is that it’s constantly changing. As an admin, you need to have core beliefs (like understanding your end-users), along with ever-changing tactical goals.

What were your Admin Resolutions for this year? Have you achieved them yet? If not, what’s preventing you from being successful?

And for anyone keeping score – 80 days until Dreamforce11. Are you registered yet?

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