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If I had a [free] hammer…

With it’s very own version of an app store (the AppExchange), there are thousands of tools out there to augment your admin skills & add to your tool box. There is absolutely no way I could cover them all in one post, but this will be my first in “If I had a Hammer” series.

I’m going to kick things off with everyone’s favorite kind of apps – free ones! Not just free in terms of cost, but these are all Aloha apps, meaning they will not count toward your tab limits – awesome news for folks not on Unlimited Edition (that’s most of you). Ok, let’s go!

  1. Chatter Influence – I said it before & I’ll say it again. This is a great tool in helping your users adopt Chatter. You can score users on the quality of their engagement in Chatter, not just quantity, and really encourage collaboration. I wouldn’t suggest it as a long-term investment, but it’s a great tool when you are first launching (or maybe relaunching) Chatter. (Chatter Influence)

  2. Field Trip – Another app that I’ve mentioned before, but this is one that every admin needs to have in their tool box. We’ve all added fields that never end up getting used, and just sit there cluttering up our orgs. Field Trip is the best help you can get in finding & cleaning up those extraneous fields. (Field Trip)

  3. Marketing Calendar Free – Do your sales reps have no clue what your marketing team is up-to? Are they helping to promote your upcoming events, or do they not even know what you’ve got on the calendar? The Marketing Calendar Free will give them one-click access to everything your marketing team has going on in Salesforce. The best part? No additional work for your marketing team! This app just uses the dates & active filter on campaigns, and uses those to display on a calendar tab in your org. Win-win! (Marketing Calendar Free)

  4. Mass Update Contacts – When you create a contact in Salesforce, if you don’t add an address, the contact will inherit the account’s address. The bummer is that when you update an account’s address, that doesn’t cascade down to the contact (which makes sense, in case they had different address, but is frustrating when they don’t). This is a handy little tool that allows you to update those contacts in a few clicks. Awesome win for data quality! (Mass Update Contacts)

And there you have it – the first If I Had a Hammer, a free-free edition. Stay tuned for most post in this series!

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