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If I had a [talking] hammer…

In honor of the AppExchange relaunch (should be in the next few hours), I thought now would be the perfect time for my second in the “If I Had a Hammer…” series.

“So what’s a talking hammer?”, you might asked. Not really sure, we should ask Walt Disney. What I’m referring to are my  favorite  marketing apps. (Follow my train of thought there?) There are hundreds of options out there, and for now I don’t want to focus on the marketing automation apps (messaging hammers?), but some other apps that help marketers give value within a Salesforce org. Here we go…

  1. Marketing Calendar Free – This is a fantastic little app that will display all of your active campaigns in a calendar view. An easy & simple way for the rest of an organization to clearly see what marketing has in the pipeline. Works great for sales reps, if they want to use marketing events as a secondary engagement point for prospects.

  2. Timba Surveys – Native to the platform, Timba Surveys allows you to create both internal and external surveys. Using it to gather feedback on webinars or other events is a great way for Marketing to find out which messages resonate with customers and prospects.

  3. Lead Scoring – Org not ready for full-on marketing automation, but would love to get your hands on some lead scoring? This offering from Labs is for you! You can set up some pretty advanced scoring rules with this app, and the best part – it’s free!

  4. Eventforce – Want to have a conference with the finesse and wow of Dreamforce? Look no further than Eventforce by Eventley – the app that’s behind the Salesforce shindig is now on the AppExchange & ready for your use! I can’t speak from an admin perpective, but I’ve had nothing but success from a user perpective.

Not enough apps for you? No worries! Here are few more of my recommendations (as presented at Dreamforce last year):

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