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It’s All About the Delivery

When Salesforce Content first came out, I thought it was pretty cool. When it became available for free, then I thought it was incredibly awesome. And yet, I still find today that most organization still aren’t using what I think to be the coolest part of Content – Content Deliveries! So while the storage and searching capabilities of Content are fantastic, Content Delivery is what really makes this a powerful tool.

Let’s start with the delivery method – instead of your prospect getting an email with 17 attachments – that may get trapped in a Spam folder or kicked back because the attachment size is too big – Content Deliveries allows your reps to just include a personal URL in an email communication that their prospect can then click to view the content. In addition to that, when creating the Content Delivery, your reps can choose from a number of settings to customize the content – from password-protected content to getting a notification on first-view.

You might be thinking, “But wait – my reps have to create these Content Deliveries? That’s never going to happen.” Don’t stress! Salesforce has created a Content Delivery Wizard that’s just three steps to creating a slick site where your prospects can view and download content.

Content Wizard

And we haven’t even gotten to my favorite part – all the great reporting you get! Besides the open rates and Times Viewed counter on individual content deliveries, you also get the the number of times used and downloaded, which your marketing team will go crazy form. And if you start using Content Deliveries on an opportunity level, you can set up a recommendation engine that will refer collateral based on successful wins in the past.

Want to get started with Content Delivery at your organization? Click here for the Salesforce how-to on setting it up.

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