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Method to the Madness

Hey, look at that – you are back for Week #3! Fantastic – let’s keep this Dev-speak train right on rolling.

Hopefully you have somewhat of an idea of what classes are (object factories), so  now we can start talking about the two things that make up classes: attributes and methods (hence the title of the post — sorry, best I could come up with).

These are actually pretty simple. To oversimplify, attributes are the nouns and methods are the verbs. What I mean by that is that the attributes tell you about the characteristic of the object you are creating, and the method tells you what that object can do.

Let’s use a car as an analogy (mostly because the first thing I think of when I think ‘factory’ is a car). So if we have a car class (car factory), some of the attributes we will have to each car object are the color, number of doors, size of the wheels, and so on. Some of the methods we’d have to give would be things like drive, park, reverse, comfort, transport.

So, now that you know all that, go instantiate this Bugatti Veyron object and give it to me as a thank you.

We are now at 38 days (and 5 more posts) until Dreamforce. Besides gearing up on your dev lingo, what are you doing to prepare for the greatest conference of all time?

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