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The Importance of Being Cert-ed

“ Admin”

“ Developer”

These days, it seems like those are magic words if you’re job hunting. And when that happens, along come people who are willing to ride the wave for as long as they can. Because of this, being able to separate yourself from the pack & have some independent “proof” that you know what you’re doing becomes that much more important. certifications are the way to do this.

With seven different certifications available, finding the one (or many) that fit your role and skill set should be easy. But here is the guidance that I’d like to share. If you’re a Button-Click Admin, strongly consider taking the Developer Exam. I know the title sounds scary, but the basic dev exam is all clicks, zero code. Conversely, the Admin Exam has a lot of things they I never touch in my day-to-day & was a lot trickier for me.

Some of you will be able to take the exam on your skills alone, and some of you might need to take a course to help prep you. There’s no shame in that – these exams are hard for a reason. You *earn* the certification. You then have to maintain the certification, which forces you to set current on ever release — not a bad thing!

And while I 100% believe it’s important to love your job, it’s also important to show the world the skills you have & get the credit you deserve.

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